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Vice President,
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A Message From Our President

Welcome to the National Association of The Bahamas (NAB), a 501(c)  non-profit organization. We are supported by voluntary partnership of Bahamians and friends of The Bahamas living in South Florida and working to better the communities in our nation.  We have been in existence since 1993.

Today, Sunday September 1, as Hurricane Dorian, a category 5 storm barrels across the Northern Bahamas, we are witnessing the devastation of portions of the area including The Abacos and Grand Bahama Island that are now experiencing the effects of 180 mile per hour winds.

We would like to extend an urgent appeal to the public to lend support to the many people across The Bahamas who have been affected or will be affected as the storm crosses our northern Islands today, Sunday September 1 through Monday September 2.

Many of the victims of this traumatic experience will suffer major losses, which we will not be able to replace, but we can meet some of their immediate needs as they try to recover from this tragic force of nature.

Thanking you in advance for your support.

Rosamon Gomez


NAB receiving a check from the City of Tamarac


National Association of The Bahamas Miami (NAB Miami), is registered as a 501(c) non-profit organization. All Contributions to the NAB Miami charitable causes are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Our Tax ID number 65-0525850


Additionally, 100% of all donations received by NAB Miami will be used for the Hurricane Dorian relief purposes. Our charitable efforts for this devastating hurricane is in conjunction of the Bahamas Consulate General’s Miami Office, The Government of The Bahamas.

Supplies Urgently Needed for Hurricane Dorian Victims

As of Tuesday, September 3, 12:00pm, the Consulate General of The Bahamas in Miami shared the following list of supplies that will be needed in the relief and recovery period:  Water, ice, non-perishable food, family hygiene kits (tissue, toothpaste, tooth brushes, towels, sanitary napkins) (2,000), water bladders (10 x 2,500 gallons), water containers (4,000 – 3 gallons), cleaning supplies (bleach, mops, brooms, disinfectants, garbage bags, sponges), baby items/supplies, plastic water bottles, cots (2,000), blankets, portal potty, flashlights, batteries, repellents (deet free), cooking utensils, temporary housing, plastic tarpaulin (2,000 rolls), plastic sheeting, plywood, shingles, portable generators (30 – 15kw to 25kw), chain saws, debris removal tools (shovels, rakes, axes, wheel barrows), portable outdoor lamps/lights, water purification kits, disposable utensils, power banks, solar powered chargers, flashlights, batteries, portable radios, cloth bags, biodegradable bags, first aid kits (sterile bandages/gauze – all sizes, tape), tents (20-30 man) and first-aid items (bandages, gauges, tape).


For more information please visit: The Bahamas Consulate Facebook recent post.

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