NAB Delivers Donations

David Richardson, candidate for Commissioner, Miami Beach.

David Richardson makes generous financial donation to Hurricane Dorian Relief Fund.  Presentation made to NAB’s President Rosie Gomez, at right and the Executive Director, Earl Miller left.

Toyota Of Hollywood Helps!

When you’re shopping for a new, used or Certified Pre-Owned Toyota, you need to be able to trust the dealership that you’re doing business with.

Toyota of Hollywood in conjunction with NAB Miami have put together a special for NAB members who purchase any vehicle form their inventory of vehicle. Toyota of Hollywood will offer the vehicle at invoice cost ($0 above what Toyota of Hollywood paid for the vehicle) This offer represents a huge savings! Additionally, Toyota of Hollywood will donate five hundred dollars ($500.00) for every vehicle purchase. This is a win win situation for NAB and its membership, (NAB Members, their families and friends).   To benefit from this offer, please contact Shawn James,VIP Director, at telephone: (954) 309 7708 for this exclusive discounts and benefits.


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This is a further evidence of the  commitment of Toyota of Hollywood extending their kindness and help to the community they serve. Toyota of Hollywood  has extended it’s charitable and humanitarian help to NAB not only through this special purchase offer , but also through the strong network of volunteers, donors and partners who has helped and continues to provide assistance to the people in the Bahamas. Very importantly, they have also stepped up to help NAB by opening their doors and graciously providing a venue for NAB Miami general meetings.

Join Us for Our Next NAB Meeting September 18, 2019 6:30 pm  at: Toyota of Hollywood 1841 North State Road 7 Hollywood, FL 3021

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The contributions of corporate citizens enable the NAB Miami to make a tremendous difference for those who are affected by Hurricane Dorian disaster in Abaco and Grand Bahama Islands.

Donated Supplies Being Loaded on a Truck -Pastor Dave Ellis Church!


A Tribute to the Bahamas Courtesy Elizabeth Louis, a Police Officer here in Port St. Lucie, FL.
A descendant from the Bahamas.